Saint Paul School

3rd Grade

Mrs. Kim Lampitt, 3rd Grade

3rd Grade

Ms. Kim Lampitt

Third grade language arts is rooted in listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling/phonics and study skills. There is also a strong emphasis on the writing process. Throughout the course of the school year, students are given opportunities to create personal narratives, informational writing, and opinion pieces all while learning to prewrite, edit, and publish. Math includes a number of topics, including multiplication, fractions, geometry, measurement and data. In Social Studies we will begin to understand the rights and responsibilities of being good citizens who will become future leaders. We will also utilize Scholastic News. Our Science class will have a focus on the Scientific Method and will follow a curriculum based on the Next Generation Science Standards. In Religion, we focus on God’s love and faithfulness to us and His people. It is an exciting year, as we are blessed to have the opportunity to lead Mass. This is a year of growth both spiritually as well as academically.

I strive to have a joyful classroom, and am blessed to be part of the St. Paul Family.