Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) – Faith Journey

Persons interested in learning more about the Catholic faith or becoming Catholic are invited to the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). RCIA is a process that involves the entire parish in welcoming inquirers to the Catholic faith and initiating catechumens and candidates into the believing community. By participating in the process as inquirers, sponsors, prayers, catechists, or as a welcoming community, each of us is invited to conversion – to live out the Gospel of Jesus as He lived it. Meetings are held weekly, September through May. Meetings are going on NOW. Watch the bulletin for more details and the next meeting.

First Eucharist

All children in the second grade and older who are Baptized or will be Baptized prior to the first Sunday in May are eligible to become candidates for the celebration of First Eucharist. Our program is family-oriented with both parents and catechists sharing in the child’s formal preparation. A series of seven evening sessions is held for both parents and children. These sessions include separate classes for parents and children, activities parents and children can join in together, and a family prayer service. Sessions are held in the evening at St. Paul’s School. Babysitting for other children in the family is provided. Parents are given the education necessary to grow in their own faith and to share in their child’s preparation. The First Eucharist Mass is celebrated on the first Sunday in May.
Classes will begin in the spring.  Watch the bulletin for more details.


Parents and godparents are required to participate in pre-baptismal meetings in preparation for their children’s baptism.  After baptismal preparation, Baptism may be scheduled. Usually baptisms are celebrated during a Sunday liturgy or on Sunday afternoon, but any other convenient time will be considered.

First Reconciliation

This is a family-oriented program in which parents and catechists share in the preparation of the children. Children are prepared prior to celebrating First Eucharist and include second, third and fourth graders. Children receive formal preparation in the respective religion classes. 

Classes meet at 6 PM in the St. Paul School.  Next class will begin on Wednesday, November 15th.


Confirmation preparation is offered to 8th and 9th grade and other high school students who have not yet been Confirmed, on alternate years. The preparation period is about one year. Classes for instruction and opportunities for service contribute a major portion of the preparation. Call the parish office at 309-833-2496 for more information.

Ministry to the Sick and Elderly

Catholic patients at McDonough District Hospital are visited regularly by a representative from St. Paul’s parish. The sick and elderly in nursing homes and shut-ins at home are also visited. Holy Communion is taken to them on a regular basis, if requested by the person or family.  If you want someone to visit you each week to bring the Holy Eucharist to you because you cannot attend Mass, please call the rectory office at (309) 833-2496.


Couples planning marriage in the Catholic Church must contact the pastor at least six months before the intended marriage. Couples are required to participate in the Diocesan marriage preparation programs. The first step is to schedule an appointment with the priest who will direct the couple in their marriage preparation and diocesan programs participation.

A Communal Anointing of the Sick and Elderly at Mass

This is planned at least once a year. One can also receive Anointing of the Sick prior to surgery or during a hospital stay. For emergencies and serious danger, please call the rectory at 309-833-2496.