Life is a Gift!

October is Pro-Life Month

      The month of October has been designated Pro-Life Month for many years.  It is a time to celebrate the importance of the Pro-Life cause and to give witness to the sanctity and love of life for all children from conception to natural death. 

     With the overturn of Roe V Wade making states responsible for laws concerning abortion, there is more work and effort to be done to help educate and open the eyes and ears of the public about the brutality of abortion and its effects on society.

Reality is that Abortion destroys the life of an unborn child.  Be aware of how this gruesome act is done, even allowed up to the day this child is born in some states.  (However, California now has a law, signed by its governor and on the California ballot this November, extending that death sentence up to 28 days after the baby’s actual birth.  Pray it does not pass.)

Planned or unplanned, scientific evidence shows that a child’s life begins at conception. It continues developing in its mother’s womb with time and nourishment.  In nine months it is born into a family where with love and nurturing the child grows to adulthood.

Thank your biological mother for giving you life and the many other people who have loved, inspired, taught and provided you opportunities in life.  Many helped you develop skills and fed your desires to serve and be served in society as God intends.

God is the author and giver of life.  He had such great love for humanity that he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ into the world to be a role model, teacher, healer and giver of heavenly hope.  Jesus is our example of love of both God and neighbor.  He came to give love, show mercy and die for our sins even the sin of abortion.  Then he gave us his body and blood in the Holy Eucharist to grow closer to and more like Him.

Abortion kills a human being who one day might have found a cure for cancer, or solved a special problem. It also has negative effects on the mother, other family members and society in general.  One sad statistic shows that suicide is prevalent in nearly one-third of aborting women.  Considering that more babies have died in their mother’s wombs than in world wars, it is past time to face reality and love life.  Life is a gift, an unreplaceable GIFT.


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