Saint Paul School

6th Grade

Mrs. Jenny Bright, 6th Grade

6th Grade

Mrs. Jenny Bright

Sixth grade at Saint Paul School is a year of leadership, independent learning, and transition. As the oldest students in the school, the sixth graders have the greatest school wide responsibility such as babysitting for our Home and School meetings, helping with little kid lunch, mentoring our kindergarten buddies, plus reading and serving at every school Mass. Our opportunities for servant learning are abundant and provide the opportunity to love our neighbor as ourselves. Prioritizing and managing time are critical to success in sixth grade because of the many extra-curricular activities available including band, choir, basketball, volleyball, cantor club, and scouts.

All year long each student is expected to build upon their previous content knowledge and then apply it across all subjects. Sixth graders focus on building a larger vocabulary, expressive writing, math proficiency, supporting ideas with factual evidence, participating in group discussions, and giving individual presentations. Sixth graders also spend time learning to play to their own strengths and then using those strengths to further God’s kingdom.