Saint Paul School

1st Grade

Mrs. Ashley Swedell, 1st Grade

1st Grade

Mrs. Ashley Swedell

Welcome to first grade! It is an exciting time in your child’s life. In first grade your child will develop fundamental work habits, appropriate social behavior, problem solve, make decisions, and grow spiritually and academically.

Beginning reading skills are taught and reinforced by doing phonics and phonemic awareness activities. We do word work, poetry, and partner read. We also do both whole group and small group activities. Literacy and math skills are also reinforced by thematic units. Some of our units focus on farms, spiders, bats, heart health, space, and dinosaurs. In math, some of the topics we cover include addition, subtraction, place value, comparing numbers, telling time, measuring, and solid and plane shapes.

I will strive to make learning a fun and exciting experience for your child!