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My son had started his education at a local public preschool. To say that he was scared of attending school would be an understatement. In public school at such a young age he was physically and emotionally traumatized. We had another child that had had great success at the preschool program at Saint Paul School. After long discussions within our family we decided to place both of those children in Saint Paul School again and have never looked back. Now my two children come home excited to tell us about what they did at school that day. They are happy! The education they are receiving, both educational and spiritually, have been more than we ever could’ve dreamed of. We are truly blessed to have our children at Saint Paul School in Macomb, IL.

Julie Pursell, Parent


Saint Paul School is a very special school. It is not only a school, a place for learning, but it is also a home in many ways. The administration, teachers, parents and students all have a connection and a bond that unites us and our Christian faith. I am so proud of my kids! I call my students “my kids” because in our year together some of them are two years together, they aren’t just kids on my class list. They become a part of my heart. I believe that every student at Saint Paul School leaves each day with a full heart because our school is full of love, kindness, and a daily reminder to put God first! I am proud to say, I am a parent and teacher at Saint Paul School!

Michele Thompson, Saint Paul Preschool Teacher & Parent


Enrolling both of our children at Saint Paul School has been one of the best decisions we've made for them. The sense of community, faith, and commitment to education at Saint Paul School has made a profound impact on our family. Our children are not just receiving a top-notch academic education; they're also growing in their understanding of compassion and moral values. It's heartwarming to see how the school's dedicated teachers and staff nurture each child's unique potential, guiding them to become well-rounded individuals. Our older child's leadership skills have flourished, and our younger one is developing a strong foundation for academic success. We appreciate the spiritual aspect of their education, which has deepened their faith and instilled strong moral principles.

Emma Lewis, Parent


My children’s growth, academically and personally, have been remarkable, and the dedication of the faculty and staff is truly commendable. The emphasis on holistic development, character building, and instilling strong values is evident in my child's demeanor and conduct. The school's open communication and involvement of parents in various activities and events have made me an active participant in my children’s educational journeys. I am deeply grateful for the education and values instilled in my children and the positive impact it has had on our family.

Miranda Jones, Librarian & Parent

I have a long history with Saint Paul School, my children are the third generation to attend school here so without a doubt Saint Paul School is family to me. The feeling of love and community that surrounds my whole family here is one of the many treasures of St. Paul School and unless you experience it for yourself it’s hard to put into words. When I attended school here in the 90s, I had all the opportunities a child could want. I was taught about Jesus and received my sacraments, learned how to become a leader through mentoring and sports, was challenged to be the best student and citizen I could be, and I left school every day knowing that God loved me. Now that I am a parent, I want my children to have the same opportunities and I can personally say that the integrity and excellence of the school remain the same.

My children are excited to get to school each day. They feel comfortable and safe in their surroundings and that feeling enables them to truly thrive academically and socially. One of the things that I value the most as a parent is the transparency between the school and home. I know the administration and teachers want the very best for my children just as I do and that gives me peace of mind. Another thing that gives me peace of mind is that I feel very comfortable with the curriculum that is being taught in the classroom and knowing that when my kids transfer to the middle school, they will be equipped with the tools they need to be the best version of themselves.

Theresa Young, 1999 Graduate & Parent


I seldom enter the Johnson side of the parking lot without thanking God for Saint Paul School. My parents gave up the farm & moved into town so the children – all 9 of us – could go to a Catholic school.

What a blessing! The Clinton St Francis sisters taught us – one in the Little Room grade 1 - 4, the other in the Big Room 5 - 8. Our educations were so complete – not only to read & write, etc. but how all these gifts were so bound to the church & our faith that it has guided my 42 years of classroom experiences as well.

I look at the new school & see that same pattern. God bless all those children & their staff.

Pat Arnold, 1947 Graduate


One of the things I loved most about my time at Saint Paul School was the small, close-knit and faith-based community. Whether in class, in the hallways, at a 5th grade basketball game, or out on the playground; the principal, teachers, parents, and brothers and sisters of Saint Paul students knew who I was and were always looking out for me. I felt a sense of freedom because I was safe and secure, and never lost in the crowd. I have grown to appreciate that type of community and seek it out now for my children.

Another thing I valued about attending Saint Paul is that the faith foundation of religious education in the classroom and attending church during the week along with special events such as Catholic Schools week really instilled in me a desire to continue growing in my faith from a young age.

Now, I love that I have the "Saint Paul Connection" with alumni that I may not have necessarily hung out with when we attended Saint Paul, but that I will always have that bond with because of our shared experience. I have noticed that Saint Paul yields compassionate, kind, curious, and bright students and I will always consider myself a proud part of the Saint Paul community.

Sarah (Looman) Gibson, 1995 Graduate