Humble Beginnings

Saint Paul School History
Raising Saints Since 1902

St. Paul Catholic School opened its doors on October 22, 1902, under the leadership of Father F. G. Lentz with the aim of providing a nurturing and faith-filled environment for children to thrive academically, socially, and spiritually. The two-story school building was deemed fully complete in 1913 with the completion of the second story. At that time, the school had two classrooms, one room for the younger children and the other for the older children. Each classroom had one sister from St. Francis of Clinton, IA acting as teacher and approximately 70 children in total.

St Paul School 1902
Old St Paul School - 1902

From humble beginnings, St. Paul grew to become a cornerstone of the community, known for its outstanding curriculum centered on Christ.

St Paul Class 1924
St Paul School Children - 1924
8th grade graduates - 1959
Eighth Grade Graduates - 1959

New School Building

On November 1, 1959, a new school building was dedicated and had a cornerstone ceremony. This is the current school building on campus. Sister Alfreda Moroney served as the principal at that time, and with the new facilities, the enrollment increased due to the confidence in the community in the teaching staff and the growth of the parish.

St. Paul School
St. Paul School

In 1965, a second-story was added to accommodate the growing enrollment of the school.

In 1970, the decision was made to close the 7th and 8th grade at St. Paul Catholic School.

In 1980, under the leadership of Father Pricco, the school underwent an expansion to add a kindergarten program.

Dedicated Catholic School

Throughout its history, St. Paul Catholic School has remained committed to upholding the values and teachings of the Catholic faith while offering a comprehensive education to students from preschool through sixth grade. Our dedicated faculty and staff work tirelessly to ensure that our children receive the best education in an environment that promotes moral values, responsibility, and respect for others.

Boys Basketball - 1964
Boys Championship Basketball Team - 1964

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